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The Word Pro, Inc.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is more than just a buzzword. it is how marketing is done today. We provide the text and content that attracts the attention of your target market. The written content with the right keywords for search engines and the right message for customers. The images are carefully chosen to enhance the message

Social Media

Today, a Social Media presence is no longer optional. People expect businesses to be “social.” We provide the management and content for social sites that define our clients’ companies as responsive and on the “cutting edge” of marketing. We continue to evaluate new social platforms as they become available, and are able to help businesses choose the right ones

Website Development

Websites have become essential for most businesses. They have to look good on computers, tablets and smart phones. In order to be found, they have to rank well on search engines. In order to attract customers, they have to provide the information customers are looking for. We work with clients to develop those websites.
70% of the sales process occurs online. We develop the marketing messages that help companies explain how their products and/or services solve real world problems—or in some way make the lives of their customers better. We then publish that content to the relevant digital platforms. By focusing on the needs of our clients' customers, we are able to make the connections that build brands and cement relationships.
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