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Social Media Management

Marketing has changed. Not because we say so, but because this is what consumers are saying. Customers want to interact with companies they do business with. They want a two-way conversation. They want this interaction on Social Media sites. Your success depends on understanding that.

Social Media Advertising

Social advertising leverages users’ shared information to identify interest. allowing companies to target relevant users, Social ads have a higher conversion rate and lower cost than any other medium. Newer retargeting tools allow for an even broader reach by targeting “lookalike” or mirror audiences.

Content Marketing

Content marketing develops trust and credibility with the online audience. It allows companies to connect with target audiences in a meaningful way, The company retains full control of their owned media. Companies that blog enjoy up to 67% more leads than those who do not, and realize a boost in SEO.

Website Development

The website is a company’s virtual storefront. A well-designed, easy to navigate website is a business necessity. Because more searches are done on mobile devices than on computers, It must also be mobile friendly and updated often with relevant content in order to rank well on search engines.

Consumers today expect a connection with companies they do business with. They want to hear what the company has to say. They want to hear what others are saying about the company. Purchasing decisions are often made before they talk to a salesperson. This is called self marketing – or Social Media Marketing.


Marketing is about connecting with your audience and provoking the desired action.
Building meaningful, long-term, personalized relationships

We create a marketing environment that assures audience engagement. We carefully brand your company across all digital platforms, creating opportunities for your potential customers to get to know you – your products and your services. We work with you to understand your target audience. And develop a strategy to speak to that audience. Working with you, we publish content from your business. We also post relevant information on your industry, as well as information and news from other trusted sources. This increases your credibility. We include a little light-hearted fun and humor. This fosters engagement and encourages participation. Finally, we monitor your social sites, alerting you to any questions or potential problems.

  • Content

    62% of Companies outsource Content; 91% of B2B use Content marketing; 63% of B2C companies use content marketing

  • Connecting with Consumers

    80% of consumers prefer to connect with companies on Facebook

  • Power of Social Media

    93% say Social Media directly affects their buying decisions

  • Lead to Closer Ratio

    Lead to close radio is 100% higher for Social media vs. Outbound Marketing


What a few of our clients have said

We provide website content, blog posts, email newsletters, and posts to all social platforms. Because we are a small company, we can customize your content to fit you. We never use “canned” content. It is always fresh and tailored to your business. It fits the platform we are writing for and contains the right key words. We also design and optimize images that fit the content.

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