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Amana – An American legacy — high-efficiency air-conditioning

Amana central air conditioning systems are perfect for any home. They always keep your home cool and comfortable. Designed for performance, durability, and optimum cooling comfort.

 Variable-speed gas furnaces

Gas furnaces deliver money-saving indoor comfort year after year. Modulating, variable and multi-speed furnaces provide enhanced indoor comfort by slowly ramping up to the thermostat setting rather than simply turning on at full speed.

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Please read some of our Yelp Reviews:

Kristee M., Plainfield, IL wrote on 12/31/2014:

Remember the bone-chilling November we experienced?  According to the National Weather Service, Chicago tied the record for longest stretch of subfreezing daily high temperatures, with seven days, for the month of November and set a record for consecutive hours below freezing for November with 180 hours.

Well,  our boiler decided this subfreezing time was a good time to take a s***t.  And, because we have a boiler system,  our hot water went with it.

Out of necessity we called Pozitive.   Tony and his team came out with a very fair estimate to replace our boiler system with a traditional heat and air conditioning system.  We had a working furnace and hot water within just days of our initial call.  These guys were professional  courteous and a pleasure to deal with.

In our time of desperation they could have named a price but they were fair and accommodating.  I highly recommend Tony and his team. (Five Stars)

Kurt H., Joliet, IL wrote on 02/15/2015:

I woke up early in the morning my heat was out within less then an hour Tim from positive heating and cooling fixed my heat!! He was prompt professional and it was affordable.. GREAT SERVICE !!! THANKS GUYS. (Five Stars)



Some of our installs:


2-Stage Counterflow Furnace


80% 2 Stage Furnace

Amana-2-stage-aprilaire - Copy

80% 2 Stage, with Aprilaire Media Filter





Amana, Counterflow, 2 Stage, 96% Variable speed Furnace..



Amana, 96% 2 stage Variable Speed Furnace..

Amana A/C

Amana A/C

Shorewood, Install

Shorewood, Install

Amana Before & After Install..

Amana Before & After Install..