Useful Information

Useful Information about your Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner…


If you smell gas, leave your home and call your gas company immediately.  Call from a neighbor’s phone. DO NOT touch any electrical switches or light any flames.

If smoke appears, don’t panic…

The first time a furnace is started (new or older equipment0 it may smoke a little.

Before you call for service…

  • Is the furnace on?  (Check furnace switch and breaker)
  • Is the thermostat set correctly?
  • Is the gas on to your house and to your furnace?
  • Is your furnace filter dirty?  (If so, change it immediately)

During the cooling season your furnace provides air flow to your Air Conditioner.

DO NOT turn the air conditioner off. Part-time cooling is not efficient. If the ystem is left off during the day, the home soaks up heat, making it more difficult to cool down in the afternoon.

During hot weather, leave the fan on. This provides air movement to help even the temperature.

Keep shades, curtains and blinds drawn to block the sun and help with window leakage.


In extremely hot or cold days, your equipment will have difficulty keeping up:

When it is 0 or colder in the winter, the furnace may only be able to manage 70 degrees.

When it is 90 degrees or hotter, your A/C may only manage 75 degrees.

NOTE: Equipment age, furnace size, home insulation, window treatments and other factors will impact your home’s comfort.


You may need a “Pozitive” Change if:

Some of your rooms are too hot or too cold

Even with the highest efficiency system, if your duct work isn’t sealed properly or if your home is not properly insulated, you will not be as comfortable as you could be, and your system will have to work harder.  Duct work should be properly sealed with no gaps that can let the heat escape.

Your home has humidity problems or excessive dust

Improper duct size may be a big part of the problem.  Sealing duct work and changing filters regularly may increase air flow and reduce wear on your equipment.

Your A/C unit is loud

Improper duct size could be a factor. Long electrical runs to the A/C could also be a problem. Lack of maintenance, dirty filter, and dirty inside or outside coils, as well as an over-charged A/C, bad compressor or faulty fan motor are also possible contributors to this common problem.

Your equipment breaks down a lot and never seems to work properly

The age and condition of your equipment has a lot to do with its efficiency.  Regular maintenance is a key factor in keeping equipment efficient and trouble-free.

Your equipment is 12 years old (or older)

It may be time for replacement with new high-efficiency equipment. This will save on both gas and electric, as well as repair bills.  Always buy Energy Star equipment.

You have an old thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save energy – and money.


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