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We have a decade of experience with Social Media Marketing and Advertising.  We know the sites to use, the audience to target and create customized content to get people talking about you and what you have to offer.  No matter the industry, no matter the age group Social Media is a required tool for all businesses looking to grow.

Our team provides your business with the strategy needed to win on Social Media.  Each of our clients receives a dedicated Social Media Manager to provide full-service marketing, advertising and management services.

Even though we aren’t a huge ad agency we can provide your company with Fortune 500 level service and dedication.  Our clients receive customized campaigns that are built around your goals.  We help build your brand and provide the services necessary to leverage SEO, create awareness and help generate revenue and grow your customer base.

Please take a look at the success stories we have had with some of our previous clients – then give us a call and let us put our success to work for you – don’t lose out on this opportunity!


Our Services Include:


SearchOur team researches the Social Networks, News Networks and other relevant sites to curate content that will generate interest and engagement for our clients.  We spend the time necessary to find relevant material that will provide your audience with attention grabbing information while providing keywords for Search Engine Optimization and hashtags for trending topics.  Our team knows the right mix of content and how to post updates in order to generate more views, likes, comments and shares. LEARN MORE



PhotosFacebook posts with images get an 87% higher rate of engagement (likes, shares and comments).  Tweets with images are retweeted 150% more than those without.  Instagram has a higher rate of engagement per post than any other social media platform. In other words, images matter.  Our team creates customized, eye-catching graphics for each client.  Typically branded with a logo for recognition, the designs are personalized for our clients and their audience.  LEARN MORE



WChatse constantly monitor the Social Accounts for comments and respond when applicable.  Our team works with your management team to satisfy any Customer Service related issues that may arise on the Social Sites.  Additionally, our Social Managers monitor the sites for new trends, as well as ensuring the content is providing the required response and making adjustments to strategies as needed in order to improve the campaign.  LEARN MORE



Location PinOur advertising capabilities on the Social Sites are effective.  We have provided advertising services for clients in a variety of industries and a variety of sizes and locations.  Our Ads generate results.  We design and write all ads in order to get the cost per click as low as possible and generate traffic to your website.  We get the potential customers to click through to your site so you can close the deal. LEARN MORE



MobileAttention is 82% higher for ads viewed on a smartphone compared to a TV.   313 million Social Users access their accounts on mobile phones. In today’s digital world reaching customers where they are is crucial and with 67% of internet users accessing Social Media via smartphones you need to be formatting your content to fit mobile.  The Word Pro, Inc. ensures that all content and campaigns are mobile-friendly. We help you reach your customers on their terms.  LEARN MORE



Paper-MoneySocial Media Marketing & Advertising is effective and affordable.  Daily Marketing Campaigns reach a wide audience and assist in improving Search Rank (SEO), providing expanded branding and online visibility, creates word-of-mouth referrals and is the best platform around to provide your business the exposure it needs to grow.  Facebook Advertising is the best ad game in town, for less than 25 cents ads can reach 1,000 people, compared to over $25 for newspaper ads.  Facebook Ads reach 89% of their targeted audience.  Combining a daily marketing campaign with a daily advertising campaign is recommended and is the best option to accomplish your goals.  We provide monthly service packages to fit any budget and any goal.  LEARN MORE



GraphWe provide a monthly management report for all of our clients.  The report outlines the success of the marketing campaign and the advertising campaigns.  A detailed description of the number of views your content has accumulated, the growth of the account, the clicks through to the website are compiled for your review.  Adjustments are made monthly based on these reports. LEARN MORE


We Are Social Media Managers You Can Rely On.

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We work with any size business, in any location and in any industry. We have experience with many different industries and can customize any Social Media Strategy to fit your business.  We work closely with you to create a Strategy that fits your business’ goals and budget.

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