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Improve your Bottom Line with Social Media

Running a business is hard.  Finding the time to stay active on social sites – engage with customers, monitor comments and answer questions – can be extremely time consuming.  But if you want your business to survive and thrive, participating in the Social Media Sites your customers routinely use is critical.  It isn’t enough to post a few times a week, and it isn’t enough to post only information about your business.  You have to post throughout the day – things that are useful, valuable, interesting or funny – in other words, sharable.  Finally, you have to figure out what is working, what is not … and why not … and adjust your strategy accordingly.

At The Word Pro, we have dedicated our business lives to making the lives of our customers easier. We spend our days on Social Media. We work with a few select clients to increase their “digital footprints” by keeping their businesses active on the Social Media sites that make sense for them.  We deliver the content that their customers are looking for – content that gets shared and liked; content that elicits comments; content that attracts customers.

How Can We Help You?

Finding Success with Social Media

We can help you add new customers and increase sales to your present customers by developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy that will:

  • Make sure the right people find you;
  • Give them a reason to follow you;
  • Encourage them to tell their friends about you; and
  • Turn them into loyal, repeat customers

In other words, we can deliver an interested audience, ready to buy.

60% of Facebook fans and 79% of Twitter followers are more likely to recommend brands after becoming a fan or follower. And an impressive 51% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitter followers are more likely to buy the brands they follow. (Chadwick Martin Bailey)

How You Can Help Us

While we can run your campaign, there are a few things you can do to assure success:

  • Respond  in a timely manner to questions by the Social Media Manager
  • Provide responses to any posts that require an answer from the Company
  • Keep the Social Media Manager apprised of sales, specials and industry or company news.
  • Let the Social Media Manager know whenever something interesting happens at the company (new employee, special event, awards,  articles about the company, etc.)
  • Send product or company photos when available.
  • Allocate a reasonable Social Media advertising budget

 Our campaigns are:


Creative. Since most people respond to visual content, we add the right images to the right posts to make them interesting, amusing or in some way compelling.

Responsive. We track the engagement of your audience and adjust posts accordingly. We also make sure their comments, questions and concerns are answered in a timely fashion, keeping our clients apprised of activity that needs their attention.

Adaptive. By revising content based on audience engagement and investigating new platforms to better serve the target audience, we keep our clients on the cutting edge, presenting them as the type of business people want to work with.

We are dedicated to keeping up with emerging technologies and best practices in the marketing world, eager to work with you to make your company a standout. We do this at reasonable rates – a fraction of the cost of adding an in-house marketer.

Social Media Services:

• Several Daily Social Updates
• Customer Service & Engagement
• Content Research and Monitoring
• Advertising Management
• Complete management of Social Campaigns
• And so much more….

Social Media Experts aren’t hired just to make your Page look pretty and to gain a few new people.  They know how to calculate statistics to show you what marketing plans are working and what are not working.  With their extra input you can apply that to your company’s goals and advancement plans.” 

~Kate Croston –

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