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Thank you for all your hard work.  We get a lot of compliments on our website. Glad we found you!  –TJ, South Elgin

A website can actually do many things…

What do you want your website to do for you?

• Is your goal to let people know you exist and tell them what you do?

• Will you be selling products on the site?

• Are you using it to gather email addresses and contact information for further marketing?

• Is your goal to educate and inform customers and potential customers about your industry, your company and your products?

• Will your website be the anchor for an overall Social Media Marketing strategy?
Whatever your Website goals, your website must speak in a language your audience understands, and must tell them the things they want to know.

The Word Pro can design and write the website that will meet your goals.


While technologies exist to help even website novices create an online presence, the proliferation of data  on the Internet makes it exponentially more difficult for non-professionals to develop websites that rank high on search engines and positively impress viewers.

Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data published each day.

Today, websites have to look good on a variety of screens. We design websites that display well on computers, tablets and smart phones. These Websites are called “Responsive” because they respond by scaling to the screen size of the viewer.

website on iphone and tablet


“55% said a poor mobile experience hurt their perception of a brand.”

Google’s new algorithms put more demands on website creators, downgrading sites that are badly structured with non-compliant code, less than optimal navigation and poorly written or duplicate content.  Google and other search engines have also taken on “Black hat” SEO techniques, and even downgrade sites that misuse keywords.  Add to that the challenges of meeting the expectations of an ever more savvy audience.

Sites that are less than pleasing to look at, difficult to navigate and devoid of useful, relevant and interesting information can not only be ineffective, but detrimental to a business.

“70% said that they would not buy from a poorly designed website.”

We have been publishing websites since 1995 and continue to learn and adapt in order to give our clients the best possible web presence, ranking high on search engines and impressing their human visitors.

Need help with your Web Presence?

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Whether you want to run the site yourself or have us maintain it, we can help give you the website that will attract Google’s Hummingbird AND your customers!

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